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Don’t just listen to us….see what our clients are saying about Wellefast! Have a testimonial of your own?  Submit it and receive a free training session!

“I’ve been training with Bill since I was in high school. I’ve always respected Bill for his dedication to his craft and knowledge. He never stays status quo. He’s always taking research classes and going out and studying other people’s programs to make our workouts even better. It’s always a challenge, every single day. I trust him with my body and I trust that he’s going to get me prepared for the rigors of the NFL season.” -Larry Fitzgerald Jr. (All Pro WR, Arizona Cardinals)

“Welle Fast Elite Training has played a major role in me becoming a better pro. With Bills’s knowledge of speed & conditioning & his drive to make me better & see me succeed is un-measured. Also he played an important role in my rehabilitation of my achilles & my return to pro sports.” – Shane Boyd (QB, NFL Veteran)

Have a testimonial of your own? Submit it and receive a free training session!

“Wellefast is a comprehensive speed and agility training program that trains athletes on position specific movement and skill sets or as Bill says, “Be Fast or Be Last”. Bill’s training is so in-demand that professional football player move to the Twin Cities over the summer to be tortured by Bill exacting training practices. Every year, this is not an exaggeration, there are at least three NFL Hall of Famers or future Hall of Famers that have come to be trained by Bill along with dozens…dozens of professional athletes. Bill is a faith grounded man and his faith is on display in manner in which he interacts with his athletes. Plyometrics, speed bands and an eye on anyone who tries to take a moment off; Bill and his team provide the type of training that turned me from a Pro-Style QB to a Dual-Threat QB. Bill balances requests from all of the country to train athletes, for the combine, Olympics and several other sports. His true love however, is helping under privilege youth who are using sports as a way up and out. ” – Ricardo Johnson III Blog, QB Cretin Durham Hall

Every offseason, I know I can rely on Bill’s expertise and unique ability to figure out what I need to work on and help me improve.  Over the past 4 years I have seen improvements in my 1st step explosion, vertical jump and over-all strength and conditioning.  As a professional basketball player, the season is long and grueling, so I need to be in the best possible shape going into camp, and Bill and his staff always have me ready. – Jon Leuer – Memphis Grizzles FW, former Wisconsin Badger

Coming off a major injury (ACL and Microfracture) I wasn’t sure if I would ever play football again.  Dr Josh and Bill Welle were able to get me back on the field, stronger and quicker than ever.  I learned so much about route running, cutting and understanding where my body needs to be to move more efficiently and effectively. Thanks guys, you are the Best in The Business. – Jake Ballard (Arizona Cardinals Tight End)